August 27, 2020  

Hello Dear Friends,  

Warmest Christian greetings!  

How are you doing? I sure hope everything is well with you and your awesome families! There seems to be a distinct sense of the nearness of the coming of Jesus these days. No one knows when that will happen but we believe it will be very soon. Maranatha! Even so come Lord Jesus! The closer we get to the coming of Jesus, the more our faith needs to be strengthened. So be encouraged and “…stand up and lift up your heads, for your redemption is drawing near.” (Luke 21:28).We pray that the Scriptures are bringing you encouragement and comfort these days as your faith continues to grow.  

SUNDAY SERVICE @ 10:00 A.M.– We are thankful for the opportunity each Sunday @ 10:00 a.m. as we gather at the church for worship together. Each Sunday morning is such a special time as we gather at the church facility. Rev. Dan Collado will be sharing the word of God this coming Sunday and also on September 6. June and I anticipate being back in Ontario on September 8.   For these next few days some of our church family will be taking full advantage of the remainder of summer 2020 – it is good that they can get away for a short time despite the challenges of our current reality. We pray that everyone will enjoy lots of R & R before school starts and life returns a little more to normalcy.  

ONLINE CHURCH – We continue with ministry through live-streamed media. This is especially good for those who cannot physically attend church. Others find us online and tune in. Please pray for maximum impact in the days ahead. Again, we remind you that the services will be available at any time following the live-stream should you miss the 10:00 a.m. timeslot.   Please check our website for the link:  and also share it with friends who may be encouraged by it.  

KIDS’ SUNDAY SCHOOL – Kids’ Ministry continues at Evangel  with Kids’ Sunday School being recorded and aired on YouTube. Encourage the children in your families to tune in! Again, the link may be found on our website. Tanya and her team are working hard to plan for these challenging days. A practicable and workable Kids’ Ministry system is being formulated as we navigate the weeks and months ahead. Would you also pray for the word of God to have maximum impact in the lives of these precious children? Thank you!            

CORNERSTONE CHRISTIAN ACADEMY –  Cornerstone Christian Academy is preparing to re-open on September 3, 2020. It is expected that students will be attending on a full time basis.  A COVID-19 Reopening Safety Plan has been created. Applications are now being accepted. Please pass the word around!  

PRAYER NEEDS – There are many needs for which to pray: Rose-Marie (surgery soon), Tim, Laura, Olivia, our youth, our seniors who are shut-in, Pat, Bonnie (awaiting admission to a care home), Angela, Shawn (seeking employment), Ken’s niece, Robbie (taking treatments), Allan (taking treatments), Elizabeth, Linda (physical and spiritual needs), Matthew, David, Rebecca, a husband needing the Lord and a physical healing, Paige (15 years of age), Michelle & Caleb (recovering from COVID), Marg, Christl, Rosalie and family, Sharon, businesses and business people, new pastor, unspoken needs, live-streamed church service, Kids’ Sunday School, Global Workers and especially the Bantseevs in Siberia and the upcoming court case (see info below). There may be others that we should add to this list. Please let us know if that is the case and we will gladly include them.  Be sure to send an email or telephone us should you have a need. You may reach us at [email protected] or 613-354-4281. There are lots of prayer needs and they all include both the spiritual and physical!  

PASTORAL SEARCH – The Pastoral Search Committee is prayerfully and carefully reviewing resumes of pastors who are showing an interest in coming to Evangel. This is a very critical time in our church and we sincerely ask you to continue joining the committee in prayer for the Lord’s direction. Shortly after we arrive back from Nova Scotia we ill move to the interview phase of our journey together. Your partnership in praying is essential and vital..  

ZOOM PRAYER MEETING – Please note that our ZOOM prayer meetings on Monday evening are “paused” for the next few weeks. Quite a number of our congregation are travelling or, at least out of town, and are not available. We look forward to starting again at a later date.  

BIBLE READING – For the month of September the suggested daily Bible reading are the books of Joshua and Ruth in the Old Testament and the letters to Philemon and Jude in the New Testament – that’s 30 chapters in all. Be encouraged to read at least 1 chapter per day for the entire month. You will be blessed and strengthened as you read and meditate on the word of God. It is good for us to remember this verse: “Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom…” (Col 3:16

ADMINISTRATION – Your tangible support of our church is always and deeply appreciated. Thank you for being consistent in your tithes and offerings. Summer months are normally a bit if a challenge with many travelling – hopefully, we’ll make it up as the fall season approaches.   The new shed has been ordered and it is expected to be completely installed by mid-October. We are thankful that this shed will be the answer to much-needed storage space; this attractive structure will serve us well in the days ahead. Just to remind you of the rationale of purchasing this much needed space are my comments from last week: “This will serve the practical side of ministry as it relates to Evangel and will be a great blessing, providing much needed storage space. The 2 overflow sections of the sanctuary which were used for storage are now available to us for seating and expansion. The new shed will measure 44 X 14 with a garage door in each end. There will be an 8 X 14 loft that will give extra space as well. The cost is $25,000.00 for the pre-fabricated structure and will be transported and placed in position sometime in the month of October. Perhaps you would consider a special donation to assist us with this expense? That would be so appreciated. If you can help, please identify your gift on an offering envelope as “Building Fund/New Shed”. Thank you for your generosity!    

SUMMER MUSIC – Deseronto Pentecostal Church (Pastor Dan Rooney) will host the final summer gospel singing concerts on our parking lot. Plan to join on Sunday evening at 6:30 p.m.  

MISSIONS – The day is getting closer with Wednesday, September 2, 2020 right around the corner. My missions bike-a-thon will take place in Nova Scotia on the Harvest Moon Trail. A couple of other guys will join me for the 100 km. ride.   As mentioned earlier, the project this year is to raise funds for Raul and Lily Carrasco to purchase a 9-passenger van for ministry use. This ministry vehicle is essential to local and regional outreach. Many of the folk do not have transportation and city transport does not often cooperate. The region has hundreds of communities (more than 700) scattered throughout the countryside and a vehicle like this is certainly a necessity and will be a welcomed blessing.   The cost in Canadian dollars is approximately $25,000.00. This is a fairly aggressive goal but we are praying that many will partner with us over these next few weeks. We can be a HUGE blessing to this amazing couple and the work of God in such a challenging region (Galicia, Spain).   Raul and Lily continue to minster in Carballo, Spain in the province of A Coruña. The call of God upon their lives for this region is very evident. June and I had the privilege of visiting them on 2 separate occasions and see the ministry first hand. They are extremely dedicated to fulfilling God’s call on their lives. Please pray for them, their congregation and the whole area – pray for many to come to know Christ! Thank you!                                                                                                                               There are 2 options to donate and both are tax deductible:   (1)    Online at Be sure to mention “Bike-A-Thon” in the “Donation Instructions” box. This will be processed by the PAOC. (2)    Place an offering at Evangel Temple clearly marked “Missions: Bike-A-Thon.” This option will be processed by Evangel.     Please note that the bike-a-thon proceeds each year are divided 50/50 between the project and our PAOC expenses. This is a once-a-year “fund-raiser” that keeps June and me on the road! Your participation is deeply appreciated. Thank you so much for your kind consideration and doing your very best! We value your prayers and partnership.    

PRAYER FOR OUR NATION AND WORLDWIDE: The following is an email I received from my friend, Greg Swinamer who is one of our Global Workers and ministers with Next Level International (NLI). These are very serious needs and we would certainly appreciate your focused prayers.   “Dear Friends,   We're very grateful for your prayers for the Bantseev family over recent days.   As I shared recently, Ilya and his daughter Jessica have recovered from Covid, and Ilya continues to regain his strength.  Janet came though this time without any reoccurrence.  Praise God for His protection.         Many of the pastors for whom we've been praying are steadily improving.  Pastors Levon and Anatoly are still in the hospital though, and need further prayer...  as do many other church members who are sick, and some having been hospitalized.      In the midst of this crisis, the Russian church is also facing an attack.  Ilya explains the urgency of the situation below.  Please read Ilya’s message and pray with authority that this attack will be defeated.    Huge thanks for your partnership in seeing God’s Kingdom impact Russia.   Greg”     This prayer request is from Ilya Bantseev. He and his wife, Janet, have been ministering in Russia for many years.   “Dear Friends,  Please pray for Edward Grabavenko, the General Superintendent  (Head Bishop) over our denomination in Russia. This Friday, August 28, will be a very important court case where the prosecutor is accusing Bishop Edward of violating the new missionary law.  This is the case that is being judged. On Easter Sunday, one of the Sunday school teachers taught a lesson on-line explaining to children the need to receive the Lord as their Savior. She said that if a person does not receive Jesus he is "spiritually dead." They are picking apart this phrase and accusing the church of teaching information that is harmful for children. As a result, Bishop Edward and his church, in the city of Perm, is on trial.   This is very serious. If the prosecutor wins this case, the next step will be to accuse the church of extremism. This is exactly what happened a few years ago when the government outlawed Jehovah Witnesses.  Can you please send this prayer request to your friends? The believers in Russia are fasting and praying for God's favor and protection. Thank you! Ilya Bantseev”   Our prayer for you continues this week is described in these Scriptures: “And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. (Philippians 4:7) and “The God of peace be with you all.” (Romans 15:33).  

Stay close to God!  

Cal & June Interim Pastors