September 26, 2020

Hello Dear Friends,

Warmest Christian greetings!

Our prayer for you this week is that you will be reminded of the faithfulness of God! Usually, when we pray, we come with a list of requests and that is quite Biblical. Philippians 4:6 says: “…let your requests be made known to God.” It is not that God doesn’t already know – He knows everything! This is good for us – this is a casting of our cares, etc. upon Him. Besides letting our requests be known to God, there is the prayer that we will constantly be reminded of the Lord’s faithfulness to us. Psalm 36 is just that! Take a moment to read it!

SUNDAY SERVICE @ 10:00 A.M.– We really look forward to seeing you each week. Some of our congregation are not yet comfortable in attending in person and we hope that you can tune in to the online broadcast. We are well within the parameter protocols and can seat many more…actually up to more than 175! If it has been awhile since you have physically attended we pray that you will be encouraged even though you have not had opportunity to fellowship with others during this very challenging time. We hope to see you soon!

ONLINE CHURCH –Live-streamed services continue and it is a blessing to those who cannot physically attend church. Please pray for maximum impact in the days ahead. Again, we remind you that the services will be available at any time following the live-stream should you miss the 10:00 a.m. timeslot.
Please check our website for the link:<>  and also share it with friends who may be encouraged by it.

KIDS’ MINISTRY – We are excited that Kids’ Ministry continues at Evangel. Tanya and her team doing a fabulous job. Play Group will be on-going throughout the fall season and the dates will be posted plenty of time ahead. It seems the Lord is giving Tanya and her team great creativity. We hope Sunday School will start again soon. Please pray with us as various ministries start up again in due time.

YOUTH – It is anticipated that 180ᴼ Youth will start on October 1 at 7:00pm to 8:00pm. Please look for announcements and more detail on our website as listed above. Please pray for our young women and men as they navigate these challenging times. As well, pray for Nathan and our youth leaders. They have a heart for youth ministry and we support them with our words of encouragement and prayers. Youth ministry is always fluid as it relates to ages…older youth graduate from high school and find their way to employment or college/university. Others reach the youth-level age and we have a few years to minister to them. Please pray much for these young people and take every opportunity to give them words of encouragement.

PRAYER NEEDS – There are many needs for which to pray: Rose-Marie (surgery in early  October), Tim, Laura, Olivia, our youth (especially as ministry gets underway for the fall season), our seniors who are shut-in, Pat, Bonnie (awaiting admission to a care home), Angela, Shawn (seeking employment), Ken’s niece, Robbie (taking treatments), Andrea, unspoken need(s), Allan, Elizabeth, Linda (physical and spiritual needs), Bill, Matthew, David, Rebecca, a husband needing the Lord and a physical healing, Paige (15 years of age), Marg, Sharon, Stewart’s granddaughter, businesses and business people, new pastor, unspoken needs, live-streamed church service, Kids’ Sunday School/Ministry, Global Workers. There may be others that we should add to this list. Please let us know if that is the case and we will gladly include them. You may reach us at [email protected]<mailto:[email protected]> or 613-354-4281<mailto:[email protected]>. There are lots of prayer needs and they all include both the spiritual and physical!

PASTORAL SEARCH – The Pastoral Search Committee continues to pray and review the resumes that were submitted. Your partnership ion praying is essential and deeply appreciated. We are certainly depending on the Lord for His direction at this critical time. We expect to meet again very soon and you will be posted as the journey unfolds.

PRAYER MEETING – You are invited to join us at the church on Monday, September 28 @ 6:30 p.m. for our next prayer meeting! It will be good to come together again and seek the Lord in prayer. There are so many needs plus our world is in such turmoil! Times of prayer brings such a sense of the Lord’s presence and encouragement. We sure hope you can join us for an hour or so.

BIBLE READING – For the month of October the suggested daily Bible reading is the book of Isaiah. This is a good challenge for us to read all 66 chapters. Pace yourself accordingly and take the time daily to spend in God’s word. It will strengthen you immensely and bring much comfort as you take time to meditate on the Scriptures. It is good for us to remember this verse: “Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom…” (Col 3:16)

ADMINISTRATION – All of the details relative to administration continue to be on track. Your Church Board is keeping a careful watch on the “behind-the scenes” items. Currently the following are items being cared for: the new shed, updating the Local Church Constitution, on-going monitoring of the COVID- 19 protocols, building needs, equipment needs for online church, etc., etc. Thank you for your prayers and your faithfulness in tithes and offerings including your heart for Missions. By the grace of God we are experiencing blessings despite such unprecedented times. In the midst of such darkness we continue to walk in the light as the Scriptures teach!

Thank you for special donations toward the new shed – it will be a definite asset for much needed storage space and at the same time keep our overflow sections open and available for seating. If you can give a little extra for this please identify “new shed” on your church giving envelope.

MISSIONS – In a couple of weeks or so we will specifically highlight our Global Workers (Missionaries) and the work they are doing in various parts of the world. Hopefully we can connect with some of them via ZOOM in the Sunday service. Missions giving continues and we are able to honour all of our obligations to those we have “adopted.” This is a special blessing since some churches and individuals across the nation have had to cut back significantly in their financial support. Thankfully, not one of our PAOC Missionaries have had to leave the field because of the present world crisis. Thank the Lord for that!

You are very kind to June and me in helping us to reach our goal re the recent bike-a-thon! Last Sunday was an extra special boost with $2,100.00 given. This brings the total from Evangel Temple to around $5,500.00!!! Praise the Lord for your generosity!! The grand total so far is close to $12,000.00!!! So…we are right around 50% there! Hopefully, over the next few weeks we will arrive at the goal! We will certainly keep you posted! Raul and Lily are working hard to sow into this ministry project, too. They continue to minster in Carballo, Spain in the province of A Coruña. As mentioned so many times before, this ministry 9-passenger van will be a HUGE blessing to them as they reach out to such an extensive and populated region in Galicia. In a few Sundays from now we plan to ZOOM Raul and Lily in to get an update on ministry there. We will be highlighting other GWs as well during a Missions emphasis.

Just a reminder…there are 2 options to donate and both are tax deductible:

  1.  Online at<> Be sure to mention “Bike-A-Thon” in the “Donation Instructions” box. This will be processed by the PAOC.
  2.  Place an offering at Evangel Temple clearly marked “Missions: Bike-A-Thon.” This option will be processed by Evangel.

Please note that the bike-a-thon proceeds each year are divided 50/50 between the project and our PAOC expenses. This is a once-a-year “fund-raiser” that keeps June and me on the road! Your participation is deeply appreciated. Thank you so much for your kind consideration and doing your very best! We value your prayers and partnership.

Your prayers for our Missionaries/Global Workers is deeply appreciated. They are having extra challenges these days as they do their best to serve the people in the countries to where God has called them.


May God pour out His Spirit in a vibrant and powerful way throughout churches and ministries across Canada this fall season. Pray for strength, encouragement and wisdom for pastors and leaders as they continue lead during an uncertain season. Pray also that staff and volunteers who serve will be encouraged and strengthened. Pray that congregations will grow in their understanding of the Word, in their relationship with God, in their relationships with one another, and in their passion and desire to reach their communities for Christ. Pray that many people will encounter God in fresh and loving ways and decide to follow Jesus, that they will be empowered by His Spirit to bring hope to those around them who need it.

Wildfires have now burned more than five million acres on the West Coast of the United states, smothering neighbourhoods in Washington State, Oregon and California with toxic smoke. Some communities have been living with this danger for four weeks. Pray that God will pour rain in the affected areas and provide sufficient human resources and equipment so that the fires will be brought under control. May He protect, strengthen and encourage the firefighters and first responders. Pray also that God will comfort people who have lost their homes or loved ones and are facing an uncertain

We continue to pray the same prayers for you this week as described above and in these Scriptures: “And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. (Philippians 4:7) and “The God of peace be with you all.” (Romans 15:33).

Stay close to God!

Cal & June
Interim Pastors